Ya' Turkey!

Oh my, people can be awkward. Recently I attended a bridal function that included various vendors. There we met one of the good lord's more interesting children. She had what I might call, "a touch of the crazy eyes."

I want to paint an accurate picture here. Think of the female version of Dr. Steve Brule and you'll be pretty much right on the money. Don't know who Dr. Steve Brule is? Well, let's fix that...

Now take that manner of speaking, girl up the hair just a tad, and add in this little gem of a monologue:

"This centerpiece here is a pumpkin. It has other elements in it too. Pumpkins are in the season, so it's unique. You can bring it all together for your tables. And what I'm trying to say with that is that....we can make all your dreams come true."

Our faces were frozen in a polite smile; our heads nodding up and down.

Public speaking and delivering sales pitches may not be her forte. But heck...for all I know...she really can make all my dreams come true...

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