Just checking that this whole "pre-publishing" thing is working. :)


I'm excited for this!! It will be a challenging little project. Yvanka is doing one as well, so we will be keeping each other on track! Thank goodness for the pre-publishing feature on this here blog. It will be neat to see the differences and similarities between our lists. We know a lot of the same people, but may experience them differently. Plus we are each taking our own distinct approach as to the format. I'll let her explain her version, but mine will be very short 'definitions'. Approximately two to four words (generally an adjective and a noun) for each person in my life. It's challenging to distill your experience of a person down to that perfectly descriptive essence. Just a note: some of these may sound like funny juxtapositions, but keep in mind that both words pertain to the person, though not necessarily to one another. It will make more sense once I start posting my list. I'll try to have other entries to my blog, but for the most part you can count on one addition to my x365 list each day.


Woke Up It Was a Chelsea Morning

I created this word cloud out of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs. This site is fun to play around on!


Lunchtime Heart to Heart + Confessions

A young mother to her son: So how's life?

Young son: Well...I've been here for eleven years and I'm still not tired of it.


** I eavesdrop on your conversations and post them on my blog.
** I am tempted to punch teenagers in the neck. DAILY.
** I just ate a brownie AND a cookie.
** If left to my own devices, I could easily eat an entire family size bag of Cheetos (the puffy kind) in approximately a half an hour.
**I make my BF turn the television on real loud so that there is NO chance he can hear me pee.