Some stuff I want.

Morris!! You little cutie!!! Come live on my desk!!!

Sweetheart Sunnies! You make me think of being a little kid with my hair in pigtails, my own bag of potato chips in hand, getting ready for a trip to the playground.

Cheese spreaders for all occasions! I love cheese. I love miniature cutlery. I love a theme. 

Lady Lass Hoodie! You are sold out right now, but you'd be a welcome addition to my closet!

So there that is. I love stuff. And things. And belongings. 


Stronger and Younger

We're sitting on the carpeted stairs, holding hands, looking up to the light in the hallway. 

"I know you're sad. When you look back on 2009 you'll always be sad. Because the 2009 me is gone. But... I'm coming back."

"You are? How?"

"It will be confusing. Even to me. The 2009 me will always be gone, but the 2010 me will be here. So when you tell people about me, I'll be both here and gone."

That was the first dream a few months ago. 
Last night I got the second dream.

We're sitting in lawn chairs in her front yard holding hands under her crab apple tree.

"How are you?"

"I'm okay. I'm still pretty sick, but I'm getting better. I don't mind being sick. I'm stronger than when you saw me last in person."

"I'm glad for that."

"I'm getting better. And....I'm getting younger."

  I wake up feeling a strange energy. Like excitement and comfort at the same time. I think that every year sees some balance of good and bad. 
There are many wonderful things in store for this next year. 

Some that I have been planning and can see clearly....
and perhaps some not.