Money to Burn

I have a good $300 to spend on something fun. I cannot make a decision and if I don't come to a reasonable, well thought out conclusion soon I am bound to blow it all on chap stick and headbands. Or something worse like groceries, god forbid.

Current top contenders:

1) Cute little camcorder to record important events for posterity. Things like adventures and the adorable way my dog blinks at me when she wants pizza. I don't even know if this is the best one, but it's pretty and shiny and red and would leave me a good $200 for chap stick and headbands.

2) Wii. Also Wii Fit. Does this even need an explanation? The sound of fun is right there in the name! Wheee!!! Wii!!!!

3) iPhone. I could do everything from my magical new phone! Knowing me, I could also promptly drop it, wash it, lose it, etc. And then I would have dropped/washed/lost my phone, music player, internet, planner, etc. I love the idea of getting one, but I don't know that I trust myself enough.

4)Lots of hoodies. How many hoodies does one girl need? Do I need this hoodie? NO!

5)I could go wild on etsy.com. That money would be gone in the blink of an eye.

What's a girl to do? Any votes on the matter? Additional suggestions? This is not a common problem for me and though I'm excited for new stuff, I'm a little stressed out by what that stuff should be! Help.

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SMD said...

I vote for the cute little camera so you can set off on an adventure in high style.