I think it just called me mommy

Sometimes things want me to adopt them, take them home, and love them forever. If I don't, I wind up feeling guilty, like I've seen a tiny child shivering in the snow without a coat and rather than bundling them up and making them some soup, I have just said "I don't care what happens to you. Be on your way little waif." Heartless and cruel. See....I'm not GREEDY. I'm actually really selfless for wanting to open my heart and home to these wayward widdle babies.

Examples of innocent little vagabond children that need my love and warm soup:

Tiny Pony in Jar

Do you see that little face? He needs me! The caption even asks me directly if I'll take him home!

G is for Giraffe
Too tall for flowers, but not too tall for a hug from yours truly!

The Blue Bird of Happiness and the Little Red Bird of Crankiness

Which one will I be today?

I can't explain why I need him. But I do.

Bird Circle



And so, dear things, I am truly sorry that I currently cannot financially support your presence in my home. You should know however, that you are loved.

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