Word Up

So I had a discussion the other day with my BFF, Yvanka. She shared with me that she hates the word "body." It gives her the heebily-jeebilies. She had a whole story about why - which was pretty funny- but I'll let her tell it if she so chooses. In the meantime, I want to know what words make you cringe and squirm. "Cringe" and "squirm" perhaps? And....GO!

Oh....p.s. I'm grossed out by the word "sensual."**Shudder**


MonFrer said...

smoothie...definitely smoothie.

SMD said...

I have issues with "panties" and "pap smear". Both make my skin crawl. Moist and juicy both make me nauseous. If I ever see that particular foursome together (and not of my own hand) I will probably break out in hives.